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analognoiseI figured out that I had somehow dorked up my install of fusesoc00:26
analognoiseIt's fixed (I think)00:26
analognoiseThanks for your help all00:28
analognoiseBah room's dead today00:44
stekernolofk: is there some way to make fusesoc aware of the defines in orpsoc-defines?04:24
stekerntrying to figure out a way to make things in the .ucf conditional04:24
stekernah, the ironi olofk, instead of gaining more credit by moving openrisc/orpsoc to olofk/fusesoc, _franck__ got all the glory instead ;)08:02
blueCmdstekern: olofk:
stekernvery cool09:53
stekerndoing the other way would be cool as well, running vnc viewer on or1k09:54
stekernmy atlys port isn't quite yet working, for some reason reading/writing to the RAM seems to fail09:56
stekernI can change gpios via openocd at least, so the debug connection seems to be somewhat alive09:57
blueCmdstekern: I don't have a X11 server yet, so that's why I thought VNC would be cool10:25
stekernhow are or1k specific patches handled in debian?10:35
jungmais there an official openRISC logo? :)10:44
stekernjungma: no, juliusb had some done, but I don't think anything really got traction10:57
stekernI did this, just to have something on our github page:
stekernI wonder if the src_files in vpi and verilator sections actually make any sense?11:14
stekernwe have a verilog section, there those attributes are tied to a language, in vpi and verilator, they are tied to a tool11:15
jungmastekern: i need it for some powerpoint stuff :D, a cool logo for the project in a vector format would be awesome ;)11:17
stekernjungma: feel free to create one! ;)11:18
blueCmdyes, a logo would be nice11:23
stekernI think these were the last suggestions:
blueCmdstekern: I love those11:28
jungmastekern: they are really nice :)11:28
blueCmdI'd vote for the middle one11:28
jungmajuliusb: I think the second one is the best because it is the most simple one11:28
jungmajuliusb: do you have this as a vector format? .ai or .svg?11:29
blueCmdjungma: I don't know if juliusb is around atm11:30
jungmabut it would be nice to advertise the project more :)11:34
blueCmdtbh our website and mailinglist suck so even if people get interested they are likely to simply not find what they're looking for11:37
-!- knz_ is now known as knz13:19
jungmablueCmd: i totally agree, it took me some days to find the things i really need :)14:32
analognoiseI'd just like to say that I love how Opencores projects come with design documentation21:35
analognoiseI think that's brilliant21:35
blueCmdstekern: told you about the link!22:02
jungmaactually, a lot of people here at DATE use OR for their projects :)22:52
blueCmdjungma: did you see ?23:02
jungmablueCmd: you braught X to OR? is it the simulator? or connecting on an fpga? :)23:15
blueCmdjungma: running VNC server on or1k23:22
blueCmdrunning X apps23:22
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