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stekernpoke53282: hmm, yes. You have to tickle the right kernel configs and then have something like this in your kernel command line:09:09
stekernconsole=tty0 console=uart,mmio,0x90000000,115200 video=ocfb:800x480-16@6009:09
stekernyou'll get ouput to all the console=<dev>, and input from the last09:10
stekernfor reference, this is the config I currently have for the atlys board:
stekernhmm, I think this external interrupt stuff Gong Tao added to de0 nano would be better to add to the GPIO10:33
stekernmaybe I can mux it to both though10:34
stekern...or just connect the gpio pin to the interrupt10:56
juliusbok I hvae some more openrisc logo concepts11:33
juliusbanything we can work with?11:34
stekernoh, those are nicer than the old suggestion IMO12:10
stekernlast one is nicest, I think12:11
stekernhmm, why is the jbtrivial driver doing the data dir the opposite way around to what's in orpsocv2?12:15
juliusbstekern: ....not sure!12:41
juliusbyes I'd like something like the last one12:43
juliusbmaybe a little different, but something where RISC was on a DIP-chip looking thing12:43
stekernDIP-chip, that's so 80s ;)12:45
stekernIMO, the last one could ditch the "pins"12:46
stekernand move the box slightly down12:46
juliusbok, so like a bga package thing12:49
stekernI don't know if it has to look like a chip, but I'm fine with it if it does ;)12:50
stekernbut I like the last one, so I'd be happy with that or something close to that12:50
juliusbthere was also this one:
juliusbbut I thought it looked like a weird alien or something hehe12:58
stekernit's educational this, trying to knit together the support for the touchscreen15:00
stekernI need to get the interrupt from the pic, but read the line with a gpio15:00
stekernit's not completely straight forward for me how I do that in the .dts, but I think I've figured it out15:01
stekernif I get this working, I'm impressed how flexible the device tree descriptions actually are15:03
olofkI too liked the new logo ideas. Making the RISC part look like a chip is a good idea, but they could use some fine-tuning16:23
olofk_franck_, thanks for the link. I have tried to keep it both python 2.7 and 3 compatible, but further back will be too much work16:24
stekernhmm, seems like it starts to work16:56
stekernI think I need to calibrate it though, it doesn't really work correctly16:58
stekernnaah, not quite working, it just reads out 0 on everything18:31
stekernat least the PENIRQ seems to be working, it reacts when I touch it18:39
olofkThe PENI-what seems to react when you touch it?20:54
olofkaha... s/RQ/S. Fixed it for you20:54
juliusbhaha, nice one olofk 21:54
juliusbstekern: i'm going to list you as doing an update and demo of the mor1kx at ORCONF201322:13
juliusbyou haven't officially asked anything, but you said you were going to do something like this on IRC the other day, so I'm just putting it up for now22:14
juliusbi'd like to put in my 2 cents, too22:14
juliusbso i've got my name there too22:14
juliusb_franck_: what are the odds of you coming along to Cambridge this year?22:17
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