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stekernyay, finally got the timings sorted out for my terasic LCD addon07:09
stekernit have had time to get discontinued in the meantime though...07:10
stekernit's been replaced with a multitouch 7" screen07:11
_franck_olofk: can you remember me where your orpsocv3 is ?08:39
stekern_franck_: it's in
_franck_thanks, I'll give it a try too09:15
stekernI haven't got around to try it as much as I would have wanted :(09:18
stekernbut I think it's good if at least us core contributors would be able to unify efforts to orpsocv309:19
_franck_first line of --> first problem :) : "ImportError: No module named argparse"09:29
_franck_I have python 2.6.609:29
_franck_seems python 2.6.6 doesn't have argparse, need to upgrade09:31
_franck_olofk: should add this somewhere for centos users:
poke53282Stekern, looks like you got a Framebuffer console working. I tried it too some time ago. But for some reason it didn't work. It was not important so I didn't dig further18:51
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