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poke53281Nice video stekern. Looks like scummvm is somewhat usable00:09
poke53281Next step: Quake00:10
poke53281or sound00:12
stekernpoke53281: yeah, sound is on the list02:17
stekernI tried compiling sdldoom, but that segfaults02:18
stekernhmm, I get an undefined references to __tls_get_address in alsa-lib-1.0.2703:06
stekernand to be clear on the sdldoom, the compilation doesn't segfault, but the produced executable03:06
stekernalso on my list: get this up and working on the de0-nano board03:13
stekernmight be the motivation I need to finally try out the touch screen controller on the LCD addon I have03:14
stekernpoke53281: btw, you can avoid the sound crash workaround (add of return in scummvm) by setting the SDL_AUDIODRIVER environment variable to dummy03:46
stekernI've got a bit of an unusual git problem, I'd like to cherry-pick a set of commits from one repo into a seperate directory in another repo07:14
stekerni.e. in repo1 I have git-root/ and everything from start of that repo I'd like ontop of repo2 into git-root/subdir/07:16
stekernthe only way I can think of from the top of my head is to format-patch the whole repo and sed the paths in the patches and then apply them07:17
stekernbut if there is a better way, I'd like to learn it07:18
simoncookI think you can do that if you use git filter-branch --tree-filter 'mkdir newdir; mv * newdir'  on the original repo and then cherry-pick07:18
stekernalso, if keeping my tags would be possible, that'd be a bonus07:19
stekernsimoncook: oh, ok, thanks! I'll read up on filter-branch07:19
stekernyup, filter-branch sounds exactly like what I was looking for07:22
olofkGit seems like a nice OS. It only lacks good version control software07:46
stekernhe he, good emacs reference there =P07:50
stekerntoo bad it isn't true07:51
jeremybennettIs it my imagination, or is running very slowly this morning?07:52
stekernsimoncook: it worked fine, but with the last example described in the man pages:
stekernbut the important pointer to the command was what I needed, so thanks a lot!07:59
olofkjeremybennett: I think it's a daily backup at around 11pm CET. It might be that you are seeing08:43
jeremybennettolofk: Thx08:52
ysionneau09:16 < stekern> i.e. in repo1 I have git-root/ and everything from start of that repo I'd like ontop of repo2 into git-root/subdir/ < maybe I don't get what you are doing but shouldn't you use submodules ?09:39
stekernperhaps if I'd be in control over repo2, yes09:44
lnaxhi there, i am trying to port xv6 (educational os from MIT) to openrisc cpu. I was reading throw source code and i have problem understanding assembly code part. At first i want to turn on paging. I read theory about paging but i have no idea what to do. There is how they do it on x86
stekernlnax: there's probably a bit more configuration of the paging system than the short snippet you posted there11:08
stekernbasically, all that happens there is that the address of the page directory is written to cr3 (which is x86's page table base pointer register)11:09
juliusbI hope people saw my typo-ridden announcement about registration for ORCONF2013 (is it ORCONF2013 or ORCONF 2013? I need to be consistent!)11:16
juliusbstekern: awesome work on the SCUMMVM stuff btw, that's so cool11:18
juliusbyou always do the coolest things with OpenRISC11:18
juliusbfirst bump maps, now games!11:18
stekernah well, most credit goes to poke53281 on this one11:19
juliusbactually, hardware TLB replacement and a 5-stage pipeline CPU is cooler, actually ;)11:19
juliusbpfft, I'm not proof-reading well today11:19
juliusbyes, that was a big effort to get all of that Linux stuff compiling properly11:19
stekerna 6-stage pipeline CPU is even cooler ;)11:21
juliusb... is cappuccino 6 now?11:24
juliusbi've been paying attention, haven't i?11:24
stekernmmhm =P11:26
stekernit has been for quite some time actually, 8 months to be more precise:
ysionneaulm32 is 6 :)11:31
ysionneaubut no hardware tlb replacement :'11:32
stekernspeaking of typo-ridden, that commit has it sets of typos too...11:34
juliusbpfft, lm3211:35
juliusbstekern: ever since MMUs?11:35
stekernysionneau: yeah, I know, I'm not completely oblivious over lm32, I'm not going to hide that I've taken a skyhigh look at it and adopted some things from it onto cappuccino11:36
stekernjuliusb: naah, that was before we had MMUs (I think)11:37
ysionneaustekern: I should have a look at cappuccino one day :)11:39
stekernyou indeed should! ;)11:42
stekernand then when you're done with the netbsd port for lm32, you can do one for openrisc as well =P11:42
stekernshould be a breeze when you've got the hang of it, right?11:43
ysionneauI hope I will see the end of this project one day11:43
ysionneauthat's hell of a work :/11:43
ysionneauand I have very little time11:43
ysionneaubut that would be so cool :)11:43
stekernI can very well imagine that, but it's a cool effort your doing there11:43
ysionneauthanks !11:44
ysionneauI enjoy it as well, but it's very frustrating to not be able to do it as fast as I would like too11:44
ysionneauThe most cool thing is I'm learning a lot :)11:50
olofkjuliusb: I saw a documentary on how your people were struggling in the eighties. I didn't know about the shortage of petrol11:53
stekernysionneau: yeah, learning, that's my main motivation as well12:05
stekernimpressive tickets we got for orconf12:14
juliusbolofk: I wasn't aware of this?12:16
olofkjuliusb: Yeah, I think it was called Mad Max. There was a guy in it who looked a lot like Mel Gibson12:16
juliusbvery good olof13:22
juliusbolofk: so, any word on whether you're likely to make it for orconf?13:24
juliusbi'm really hoping you can!13:24
stekernme too!13:25
juliusbI kinda took it that you were still likely to be able to come on the 5th/6th13:25
stekernespecially since I'm the main catalyst for mixing up with the dates13:25
olofkI think it will be hard to make it to 5th/6th, but I'll try13:27
juliusbok, yeah sorry about any difficulty it causes, didn't mean to cause any13:29
olofkI don't care about your stupid conference anyway. I think it sucks!13:30
juliusbit will without you <313:31
olofkHas anyone except for the usual suspects registered yet, btw?13:36
juliusb.... I don't know how to check actually13:36
juliusbjust pinged the ever-helpful Andrew Back to find out13:40
olofkysionneau: Are you thinking about coming? It would be fun to learn a bit about what's going on in the lm32/MilkyMist community13:46
olofkBecause you're that guy, right? :)13:46
ysionneauI'm playing a bit with Milkymist and lm32 yes :)13:49
ysionneauI've tought about coming to learn about openrisc but I did'nt take the time to read all the emails yet about the organization13:50
ysionneauis there a schedule?13:50
juliusbcome to Cambridge on October 5th/6th and tell us abuot it, either formally via a presentation, or over beer. lots of beer. :)13:50
juliusbnot yet13:50
ysionneauor just a list of presentations?13:50
ysionneaueven without the timing13:51
juliusbwell, we do have a schedule we try to stick ti13:51
juliusbI expect that's better than an untimed thing, but there's also meal breaks and dinner afterwards where there's no fixed schedule of topics13:51
olofkYeah, we should get out the list of applied talks as soon as they come in. That will make it more likely for other to turn up or submit talks13:51
juliusbOK, I'll make sure I put up the ones I've had so far sometime soon13:52
olofkAnd it will give me something to tweet about :)13:52
ysionneauyes a list of submitted talks would be nice :)13:52
ysionneaumore appealing than "WIP"13:52
ysionneauso far I only have this URL:
ysionneauis that all the published information ?13:52
olofkIt's a lot more information available at the dedicated site ;)13:55
ysionneauis the Linux port for OR1200 using the MMU? or is it mmu-less uclinux ?13:58
olofkIt uses the MMU14:05
ysionneaunice :)14:06
stekernI got "sound"... or should I say noise17:11
stekerncould be a problem in my AC97 driver though, I get this: "WARNING: SDL mixer output buffer size: 8192 differs from desired: 2048!"17:12
stekernand then a lot of "ALSA lib pcm.c:7316:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred"17:12
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