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stekernjuliusb: exactly, right now it seems it's rather cream cappuccino with a lot of chocolate flakes ontop03:48
stekernI've got a feeling that getting register output ready in decode stage will be a pain03:51
stekernjuliusb: what did you mean by this btw?
stekernwhy would we need a full adder there?03:55
stekernI mean, the adder for PC+imm is already there03:57
stekern(in cacpuccino)03:57
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stekernI like how verilator checks the code in non-active generate statements as well06:02
juliusbstekern: ah you already do the adding int he decode stage, OK, nevermind then17:42
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Guest61375anyone got the openrisc developement virtualbox image to work?21:17
glowplugI would reccomend building the toolchain from scratch into an Ubuntu 12.04 system over the image.21:18
Guest61375that's what it is looking like...the image does not guess being that it is a very old vbox image21:19
glowplugThere are other problems too.  Out of date OS.  Out of date tools.  And VBox has horrifying performance.  If you want a virtualized environment for development use KVM + 12.04 + build tools from scratch.21:20
Guest61375good point. I'm running linux it was just to get going quickly. building the tools is fine21:21
Guest61375thanks for the help21:22
glowplugReally a KVM image should be built and seeded as a torrent to help devs get going quickly.  Maybe I should do that.  Damn!  Haha21:23
glowplugNo problem.  8)21:23
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