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shornewbx: sorry for delay, I have got a lot of errors07:56
shorneI didnt count07:56
rohitksinghshorne: Thanks! Referring to this -> Changing to mor1kx-4.1 was successful! :)12:32
rohitksinghshorne: Though, I had to change fusesoc's file in "~/.local/share/fusesoc/orpsoc-cores/systems/mor1kx-generic/mor1kx-generic.core" to make it use mor1kx-4.1 instead of latest master. Is there any better way to do that?12:35
rohitksinghshorne: Anyways, simulation is working fine, so I'm happy :) Thanks!12:36
wbxshorne: so at least the failures are reproducible for you :)14:19
wbxshorne: nds32 is a FPGA architecture, it is nearly error free. may be we see any differences or get ideas of it?14:20
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shornerohitksingh, 2 things.  1 I think you found an issue with icarus and mor1kx you might want to try to patch or open an issue on github15:59
shorne2. you can checkout your own git repo of orpsoc-cores or mor1k and add it to the repo path16:01
shornecores_root =16:02
shorne /home/shorne/work/quartus16:02
shorne /home/shorne/work/openrisc/fusesoc-cores16:02
shorneso.. instread of changing the internal copy, you can override with your own fork... make patches... test, then send pull request16:03
shorneBut thanks for finding an issue16:03
shornewbx: Yes, mine seg faulted after 63 errors16:04
shornethe test segfaulted, not qemu16:05
shornewbx: I will try switching to linux threads as comparison16:16
shornetool with linuxthreads I get16:54
shorneTotal skipped: 816:54
shorneTotal failed: 316:54
shorneTotal passed: 20916:54
shornebut ... it looks like I dont see some of the same tests16:56
shornewbx: I have created an expect script for testing this:
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