IRC logs for #openrisc Tuesday, 2017-11-07

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shornewbx: I found something, I went through the code where it was failing01:34
shorneit seems to be using futex01:35
shorneI remember merging a new futex implementation into the kernel for 4.1101:39
shornelet me try with a newer kernel01:40
shorneanything before 4.11 had several bugs01:40
shornewbx: ok failing on the latest kernel too07:32
shorneneed to look deeper07:32
wbxshorne: do you think there might be issues with fork() or clone()?14:40
wbxshorne: i still have no clue what might be the key issue. i executed a simple dlopen test with opening it does not fail. but more than two tests are failing because dlsym doesn't find a symbol, which is there. or may be something wrong in the code.14:42
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