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rohitksinghHi everyone! I was trying to build or1k toolchain using the steps described in this page: Compilation upto GCC Stage 1 went fine, but I'm getting errors in compiling newlib Can any give any pointers to fix this?02:24
wbxhaven't seen this. what version of newlib is this?03:58
rohitksinghwbx: Thanks for the reply. It is the latest upstream repo: Let me try with openrisc downstream repo and I'll report the results04:06
wbxrohitksingh: maybe a change in latest newlib. newlib release works for me creating bare-metal toolchain with OpenADK.04:08
rohitksinghUpdate: newlib repo from openrisc compiled fine! Thanks wbx!05:46
rohitksinghokay but I got a new error when doing "make install" about "or1k-elf-ranlib: command not found"05:50
rohitksinghUpdate: Fixed it. For some reason bash wasn't able to find it when run with sudo05:59
shornerohitksingh: why not use the binaries from
shornerohitksingh: looks like you got it working08:18
rohitksinghshorne: yeah got it working for now it seems. Thanks! Next time I would use the binaries and save myself :)08:24
rohitksinghshorne: But, now running sim using "fusesoc sim mor1kx-generic --elf-load hello.elf" gives this error ->
rohitksinghany idea what could be wrong?08:31
shornerohitksingh: I am not sure09:37
shornelooking at ../src/mor1kx_5.0/rtl/verilog/mor1kx_cpu_cappuccino.v:1132: error: A hierarchical reference (`mor1kx_rf_cappuccino.RF_ADDR_WIDTH') is not allowed in a constant expression.09:38
shornelooks like a recent change wallento did?09:39
shorne-      input [4:0]    gpr_num;09:39
shorne +      input [mor1kx_rf_cappuccino.RF_ADDR_WIDTH-1:0] gpr_num;09:39
shornewell... this year09:39
shornemaybe not compatible with iverlog?09:40
shorneor whatever that simulator is09:40
shornemaybe you can try qemu? or fpga09:40
shornewbx: do you have your openadk config for openrisc/uclibc-ng saved somewhere?09:42
shornewbx: I have been playing with the options, but not getting something stable09:43
shornemeaning, my kernel doesnt even boot09:43
shorneit I use my own kernel + the openadk root I am missing /dev files (tried udev and static /dev files) , I use my own .devnodes and I can get it booting09:44
shornewbx: I got it working just uwing defconfig it seems10:33
rohitksinghshorne: Thanks! I'll try the earlier versions of mor1kx. The simulator is indeed iverilog tag V10.2 released in August11:01
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