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_franck_mithro: shorne: should be Poland03:17
shorneah, Poland thats right03:54
shornewbx: I am building openadk for the first time :)  I tried to bypass just building uclibc-ng-test, but ran into some linker issues, I figure to just let openadk do it03:55
wbxshorne: okay, if you have any issues with openadk, just tell me :)06:50
wbxshorne: it is hard for me to get a reasonable idea what is going wrong with the testsuite tests without gdb. my qemu skills are to bad to interpret any tracing output.06:51
shornewbx: have you seen this error before?09:55
shorne../..//extra/locale/gen_locale  -o ../..//extra/locale/locale_tables.h ../..//extra/locale/locales.txt09:55
shorneError: illegal locale name C09:56
shornepart of the uclibc-ng build, I looked at the code and it doesnt make much sense09:56
shornemaybe my config, ill try one of the default tasks09:56
shornewbx: not sure if you are monitoring but gdb is "almost" ready for upstream, it turns our there was one contributor missing copyrights.  I contacted him and it should be almost done10:28
shornewbx: I did  'make cleandir' and reconfigured some things and the build seems to get past the error I saw before10:29
shorneLinux Embedded Appliance created with OpenADK11:25
shorneroot@openadk:/ #11:25
wbxshorne: oh, you enabled locale support and it seems the fallback zu UTF.8 did not work. can you show me your environment settings for LC_* and LANG?11:48
wbxshorne: oh, gdb for linux? where can I get it?11:48
shornewbx: (not for linux though)11:51
shornewbx: I think you know about the openrisc gdb, but after we get the current one upstream I want to work on linux support11:52
wbxshorne: but how I can use it to debug any of the testsuite errors?11:53
shornewbx: I am not sure, I agree with you on that.. just giving you and update on the upstreaming status11:54
wbxah, okay. nice. hope it will get into upstream soon.11:54
shorneLC_* liteways11:54
wbxshorne: did you change the default Runtime Configuration  C.UTF-8 to something else in the menu?11:56
shorneit is C.UTF-811:59
shorneit seems to work if I disable locale, but that seems to restrict which packages I can select12:00
shorneI need to go to bed, ill figure it out if you think it normally should work12:01
shornethe code that says "illegal locale name C" wants to locale to look like xx_XX12:02
wbxi check it later. i do not think a lot of packages will not work without locale ..12:07
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