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shornemithro: I dont know too much about the xilinx size to be honest, how many mor1kx would fit on lx9?01:31
mithroshorne: one01:31
shorneok, thats too small :)01:32
mithroHow fast is the mor1k on your board?01:32
shorneprobably I could run faster01:32
shornebut it boots in under 5 seconds01:32
shorneso good enough for me01:32
mithroIt runs about 83.3 MHz on the S601:33
shorneboots linux01:33
ZipCPUHow about the S6/LX4?07:47
shorne_Hi all, stekern, olofk: for orpsoc-cores I am thinking to request to merge into main some of the dual core systems08:02
shorne_just so they can be available, I have been testing on de0_nano-multicore and it looks ok08:02
shorne_These are the ones that are in the multicore branch08:03
shorne_Any reason to keep them out?  I.e. should we be using optmsoc for any multicore stuff?08:04
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mithroshorne: I've never done Linux kernel development before, I assume that I get the patches into good form and then send them to you to send upstream?21:37
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