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wbxanyone here involved in the glibc port of or1k?10:03
wbxwas NPTL/TLS fully implemented and working?10:05
wbxokay, this one is newer :
wbxthis here is not complete:
shornemithro: for kernel patches I will send PR to linus.  But the patches should go to the linux kerne lmailing list first17:20
shorneto do it basically you run 'git format-patch'17:21
shornethen ./scripts/checkpatch.pl17:21
shornethen 'git send-email'17:21
shornethere are a lot of guides on how to do it...17:23
shorneyou probably want to look around 'Submitting a patchset17:25
shornemithro: its actually the same for qemu17:43
shornebut ill send your patches to the mailing list17:43
shornemithro: sorry for the hassle, a few minor suggestions for the EVBAR changes18:18
shorneUsually the mailing list reviews get a bit picky so I have updated with some comments18:19
shorneif you dont mind I could do them18:19
shornemithro: also, it looks like we need to add new registers to machine.c.  (for serialization)19:32
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