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shorneLinux openrisc 4.11.0-rc3-smp-00008-g32950fc #77 SMP Sun Mar 26 18:27:40 JST 2017 openrisc GNU/Linux05:28
wbxshorne: nice.05:28
shornesingle processor but smp kernel boots there was one issue with the qrwlocks using a cpu_big_endian value we didnt have set05:28
shornebut this is all the smp code running05:29
promachbandvig: Do you have some documentation on your fpu sourcce code ?08:14
bandvigpromach: unfortunately, not. However I tried to crate a lot of comments in source code.08:30
shornestekern: you mention "we don't have a way to disable the "builtin" timer" ...17:52
shorneThe code still uses the builtin timer, its just the external timer is used 1 time at boot to synchronize clocks (it looks like to me)17:53
shorneDo we need to disable the builtin timer?17:53
stekernshorne: IMO the right way is to *not* use the internal timers, but to have a global timer with all the necessary functionality23:18
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