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shornemithro: not sure what happened its repo is here00:35
shornewallento: mentioned the site moved to new hardware, maybe the redirect is broekn?00:36
mithroHas anyone done work for gcc or1k 6.3.0 ?05:05
shornemithro: richard henderson sent some patches to the list last month for gcc 7, you might want to check that out10:04
stekernshorne: yes, that's what should be done...11:05
stekernI just never got to it11:05
stekernnot a really big deal11:05
stekernI can't remember, but I think one problem was that we don't have a way to disable the "builtin" timer11:05
stekernso, that would need to be done too11:06
promachManual floating point calculation does not seem to match with the multiplication result as in
promachAm I missing something ?11:24
bandvigpromach: what does mean "manual"?12:56
promachhand calculation12:56
promachI must be making some mistakes somewhere which I still had not noticed. I have to go now.12:57
bandvigpromach: Oh! I tested FPU with SoftFloat library (could be easily found in Internet). Each time I made a modification I run SoftFloat -based testing tool to check correctness of FPU operation.12:58
bandvigpromach: In particular the tool performs 46464 tests for each operation mul/add/sub/div for each rounding mode. All of them passes successfully.12:59
promachI am just trying to think more mathematically12:59
bandvigpromach: I would recommend you to use SoftFloat library to generate test vectors.12:59
bandvigpromach:  By the way, all commented examples in my test bench were gathered as error from the SoftFloat -based testing tool.13:00
promachI found that this floating point unit testing is not trivial. I need some time to use softfloat.13:01
promachin the meanwhile, would you mind confirming my hand calculation, just for this time ?13:02
bandvigpromach: I'm not sure. First, as you at last found, manipulations with floating point numbers are not trivial.13:13
bandvigpromach: Second I just don't remember now all peculiarities, especially about rounding, because I made last FPU modification long time ago.13:14
bandvigpromach: By the way, using SoftFloat library you should remember that there are at least two approaches for rounding.13:14
bandvigpromach: One "rounding before tininess" and "rounding after tininess".13:14
bandvigpromach: In my FPU the "rounding before tininess" is implemented. You should tune SoftFloat library appropriately.13:15
shornestekern: got smp patches booting on or1ksim and qemu, (disabilitng SMP), had to add shadow gprs to qemu.  So everything seems sane19:31
shorneIll have a go running on de0 nano with SMP19:31
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