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bandvigpromach:  Ah! You are right. I deleted it from repo because it hasn’t been used anymore.02:50
bandvigpromach:  I’m not access to my home PC with it, so I’ll be able to add it somewhere in my personal repository on GitHub in about 10-12 hours.02:50
bandvigpromach: However, if I understand correctly the FPU variant is not mandatory for your needs. So you can just comment it for a while.02:50
psychotropehow does openRISC generate random numbers for /dev/random?04:45
psychotropeor are there any hardware sources04:46
promachbandvig: strange,  only addition works, multiply and division do not give correct result05:59
bandvigpromach:  In your example you are doing (32’h2 + 32’h3) as line #136 is uncomment . I suppose expected value is 32’h5. To do division, line #136 should be connected and line #83 should be uncommented.06:53
bandvigpromach:  By the way which result you expect after (32’h2 / 32’h3) taking into account that both of them are denormalized?06:53
promachdenormalized by what factor ?06:55
promachbandvig: you were saying line#136 should be commented, right ?06:56
promachI am getting for multiply06:58
promachsorry, typo06:59
promachshould be division06:59
bandvigpromach:  any line with “fpu_op = “ is command for FPU.07:01
promachI am getting for multiply07:04
bandvigpromach:  “denormalized” means “exponent” is zero, “mantissa” is not zero.07:05
promachI am still not sure why 0 for pfpu32_result07:05
bandvigpromach:  It looks you don’t understand FP-standard.07:13
bandvigpromach: Actually you multiply (6*2^(-126)  x 3*2^(-126)), intermediate value is (18 * 2 ^ (-252)) could not be packed in single precision FP.07:14
bandvigpromach: So you receive zero and flags “inexact” and “underflow”07:14
promachbandvig: Sorry, let me study further.07:15
-!- shorne_ is now known as shorne10:10
shornestekern: hows it going?  I boiled down the smp patcches to this10:12
shorne (before sqaushing & applying the qspinlocks suggested by peter)10:12
shorneany thoughts?  I still need to fix a few things like10:13
shorne1. commit descriptions10:13
shorne2. you have a comment about hacks in the timer sync10:13
shorne3. possible IPI handling of cpu stop10:13
shorne4. make it boot (currently it crashes in or1ksim, and doesnt even start on qemu)10:14
* shorne heads off10:15
stekernshorne: I'll take a look, but just a heads up, I've only tested the SMP code on real targets11:31
shornestekern: I think its failing at this timer_init part (the number 2 I listed)18:38
shornetc_base = ioremap_nocache(0x99000000, 4);18:38
shornewhat is supposed to be at 0x99000000?  The sim doesnt have anything, but I didnt see much in hardware... double checking18:39
shorne[slave tc]18:40
shorneI see...18:40
shorneI guess thats a bit of a hack, I dont see why we cant just move that global timer out to dtb and create a driver18:46
mithroSo - anyone know where the instructions for building gcc at when away?21:24
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