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promachbandvig: thanks for  I had actually sent email to avbacherov@opencores.org06:12
promachI am doing it for personal project. Just for understanding pipelined multiply and divison source code in openrisc06:13
promachbandvig: include in simulation two FPU ?? I am a bit confused06:16
Kerr-AMas any actually built any of these MCU's? It's like, not immediately opvious if that's the case from the website lol.06:23
* Kerr-A is just on a curious search to see how free computing can actually be06:23
bandvigpromach: As I mentioned, I use one of them as reference. However, it could be redundant for your purposes.06:51
shorne_Kerr-A: are you asking about if openrisc cpu silicon exist?  Yes, but its not so open as far as I know, i.e. masks and formal verification are kept behind the company doors.09:17
promachbandvig: does not have mor1kx_fpu_top module found in mor1kx repo ?11:31
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