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mithroDoes anyone know the status of or1k support in qemu?08:21
promachis it possible to separate the pfpu32_muldiv.v signals from mor1kx_execute_alu.v ? I mean purely for testing only10:55
bandvigpromach: please find my test-bench for FPU modules in
bandvigpromach: by the way last time I tested division. To use the test bench you have to include in simulation both FPU: original OR1200 from folder verilog/fpu (it plays role of reference) and for CAPPUCCINO FPU from folder verilog/pfpu3213:53
bandvigand don't forget to add rtl/verilog folder in include paths: mor1kx-defines.v and mor1kx-sprs.v are required13:56
ZipCPUbandvig: promach is offline now.  He's usually only on during the daylight hours in Singapore.  I'll be happy to relay your answer, though, when he gets back on.13:57
bandvigZipCPU: well, and I hope he reads julius' log13:59
ZipCPUThanks for reminding me!  I had forgotten.13:59
bandvigpromach: one more note. The test-bench doesn't contain "stop simulation" criteria because I run it in ISim for finite number of nanoseconds.14:06
bandvigpromach: can I ask for which purpose you are going to simulate mul/div?14:19
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