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mithroWhat is a "ring NoC" ?04:45
ssvbshorne: the OpenRISC code fails to compile in the current mainline U-Boot, so it got a bit rotten05:35
ssvbI guess, people are probably happily using some old release and don't have time or motivation to keep the OpenRISC port up to date in more recent versions of U-Boot05:38
imphilmithro, a network on chip with ring topology07:52
wallentossvb, what exactly is the compilation issue? something related to the compiler?14:20
ssvbwallento: just bitrotten code - "common/board_r.c:559:35: error: 'bd_t {aka struct bd_info}' has no member named 'bi_enetaddr'"14:21
ssvbyou can try to get the latest U-Boot and compile it yourself14:22
ssvbthe "v2017.03" tag14:23
wallentookay, let me check it14:26
wallentoare you from ssvb?14:26
wallento*uboot, ssvb14:26
ssvbnope, I'm just subscribed to their mailing list14:27
wallentoah, cool, thanks for pointing out!14:28
wallentooh, boy, who here currently uses u-boot and in which version?14:51
wallento^ bandvig14:51
bandvigwallento: yes, I use actively, of course my version is quite old 2013.04-g9181a73-dirty :)14:57
wallentohm, that is around the time the port was broken14:58
bandvigas I remember correctly, I downloaded it from repository14:59
wallentounfortunately its honestly very hard to understand it14:59
bandvigcorrection: from openricc.net14:59
wallentoyeah, that is pretty old15:02
wallentostekern: any idea what to do?15:02
wallentoI need an older gcc to test when it actually broke15:03
wallentoa lot of complexity seems to have been added with relocation after 2013.415:13
mithrowallento: ping?19:11
mithrowallento: How far along is OpenSoCDebug? Can I use it to debug a mor1k CPU running on an FPGA board right now?19:27
mithrowallento: BTW - Finally replied to the email thread19:28
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