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psychotropestekern_: any guide on how to set that up?  how much storage do you have now?  can you boot linux from MMC?00:45
psychotropethat sounds awesome though :D00:45
stekern_psychotrope: I just soldered SD->microSD onto a breakoutboard that I connected to the de0-nano00:52
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psychotropestekern: yeah, but what about the logic to get that talking to the CPU?00:53
psychotropethe physical part of things is straight foward enough00:53
stekerntheoretically you should be able to boot linux from scratch from it, but there's no sdcard support in the bootrom00:53
stekernyou communicate with it with the SPI controller00:54
psychotropebut I'm not familiar with the IO options on the DE0 nano other than the wishbone bus and the UART port00:54
psychotropeokay, I think I can make this work...00:55
psychotropeis the storage hot-swap by chance?00:55
psychotropeI'll have an external device write the linux kernel directly into RAM, and then use the SPI MMC from there00:55
psychotropeI need 2 storage devices00:56
stekernyes, I don't see why it wouldn't bee00:56
psychotropeI'll  pass on messing with bootrom, much easies to much use a microcontroller to program the RAM00:56
psychotropeand I assume there would be no issue accessing the SPI storage from linux once it was loaded to RAM?00:57
psychotropewhat I'm going for is microcontroller == loads linux ==> DEO-nano RAM == accesses SPI and makes it usable in linux ==> MMC01:45
ssvbis everyone okay with this "OpenRISC: Remove" patch for U-Boot?
bandvigssvb: It is very bad idea for me. I use U-Boot all the times on Atlys board.08:04
shornessvb: can you cc the openrisc list if possible? openrisc@lists.librecores.org11:07
shornestekern: maybe doesn't update it anymore but I guess there are users11:08
shorneeven psychotrope today is asking about booting openrisc on an sd card, would probably need u-boot for that11:08
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