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mithrowallento: Email sent to you + the opendebugsoc mailing list00:22
mithroHas there been any change in the status of getting or1k support in upstream GCC? Last I heard it was "isn't happening due to copyright assignment issues" but a friend was suggesting that he had seen some stuff recently that suggested it might be happening?02:25
bandvigmithro: the answer could be found on the page I guess02:33
wallentomithro: yes, I have serious internet problems at the office for two days now, will get to it right now03:22
wallentoabout GCC we had the hope something might happen, but nothing happened. still the old copyright assignment problem03:23
mithrowallento: internet problems always suck03:25
wallentoits a nightmare, I work in a coworking space and someone floods our subnet from the main network. no technician around the server room is locked..03:30
shornewallento: mithro: maybe we can ask richard to write from scratch... he could probably do in a week :)05:31
shorneWe might have to do that, I cant imagine its too hard, once your write the .md file05:32
wallentowe could even start a kickstarter :)05:32
shorneI need to learn scheme first05:32
shorneI mean, I need to learn to love scheme first ...05:32
wallentoyeah, its not too hard, but time consuming and kind of redundant05:32
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