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mithrowallento: Is this you -> ?01:47
wallentowe build it essentially for lowRISC and my own project, OpTiMSoC01:49
mithroSo TimVideos got into GSoC and I'm interested in a student working on improving our soft-cpu debugging01:52
wallentothat sounds like a good plan, can you drop me a mail? We can also advertise that in FOSSi's GSoC then01:55
wallentoby the way, everyone, FOSSi Foundation and lowRISC are in GSoC too this year01:55
wallentomithro, you mean like run-control debugging01:56
mithroOur SoC (litex) supports the lm32, mor1k, picorv32 & (hopefully soon) j1/j2 (j-core) architectures01:56
wallentofor mor1kx the run control work and also tracing is already there01:57
wallentofor lm32 I will look it up, but I remember run control was very similar there01:57
wallentowith picorv32 its a bit problematic about the RISC-V debug spec not done01:57
wallentoanyhow, it would be great to deploy the whole thing, including tracing01:57
mithrowallento: I'm currently trying to write up the project idea for students01:57
wallentoexcellent, please drop me a mail, we also have OpenSoCDebug ideas in FOSSi and lowRISC:
wallentoI would be happy to (co-)mentor01:58
mithrowallento: Got some time to discuss how it should work now or is email best?01:59
wallentobetter is email, I am about to leave for work, will be there in ~30-45 minutes, we can also chat then02:00
wallentoif that works for you too02:00
mithroYeah, I will probably be around02:00
mithrowallento: The two diagrams which my questions will be about are and
wallentoexcellent, I will get back to you in a few02:06
mithroNo worries02:07
mithroIf I'm not around it is probably because I'm at dinner02:07
mithroI'll be back after that and if you say my nick it'll make my phone buzz :-)02:07
mithrowallento: I'm putting together the details for students at
mithrowallento: Access controls fixed02:17
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mithrowallento: So, I think we both got busy / distracted :-P18:24
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