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wallentoshorne, I tried to clarify it at reddit01:57
bandvigpromach: Yes, exceptions are precise, however there is one exclusion (if I understand correctly). If you use STORE BUFFER, data bus write errors become imprecise.02:18
wallentoyes, I think there is a table saying which exceptions are imprecise02:50
wallentobus error and reset I think02:51
bandvigwallento: speaking “table” do you mean OpenRISC specification?03:26
wallentoI roughly remember there was something03:29
wallentoif not it should be :)03:30
bandvigwallento: I just don’t remember exactly :)03:31
wallentoIt talks about asynchronous and synchronous I see03:32
wallentoI think this translates to imprecise and precise03:32
promachwallento: could you point out which files within mor1kx repo has the precise-exception mechanism implemented ? I seen a lot exception-related signals, I am now trying to find out which are the relevant ones so that I could do some more further study11:43
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