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rahCyclone III, Cyclone IV, Cyclone V, Cyclone 1005:55
olofk_Verilator is driving me crazy!07:25
olofk_Done a lot of cleaning up in the FuseSoC verilator backend now, but there are still stuff I don't understand why it doesn't work07:26
olofk_And how should I handle VERILATOR_ROOT??07:26
olofk_If verilator is locally installed, VERILATOR_ROOT must be set. This works fine07:27
olofk_But if it's system-installed, it should _not_ be set07:28
olofk_How then, do I find the include directories in verilator?07:28
olofk_Or does verilator include them automatically in that case? That would solve the problem07:28
shorneZipCPU: olofk_: running dejagnu for openrisc is something like07:35
shorneexport DEJAGNU=${gitroot}/or1k-src/site.exp07:38
shornemake check07:38
shorneyou can pass args to like07:38
shornemake check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=or1k-elf-sim"07:38
ZipCPUAhh ... I like that better than installing into /usr/share, thank you.07:38
ZipCPUI've got the RUNTESTFLAGS bit ... but what I'd really like to knwo is ...07:38
ZipCPUhow do you get dejagnu to run the simulator?07:38
olofk_That's in the exp file, right?07:39
olofk_or maybe not07:39
olofk_Never managed to figure out how it's all connected07:40
ZipCPUWell ... I've been copying the OR1k executable, and ... I haven't found that (at least not that I've recognized)07:40
ZipCPUs/executable/or1k-elf-sim.exp file/07:42
shorneZipCPU: to run simulator I think that is the boards dir, the site.exp loads boards into the path09:08
shorne--target_board=or1k-elf-sim will tell it to connect to a board09:08
shorneyou can change the files in the boards/ dir to explain how to connect to your simulator09:09
shornethe or1k-linux-sim.exp, example shows how to setup a remote simulator, I never did it before09:13
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