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olofkAnyone handy with sockets?04:58
ZipCPUolofk: Handy enough. What do you need?06:43
ZipCPUThis is cool ... I'm commanding a verilator simulation via a TCP/IP socket, reading the serial port from my CPU out via another TCP/IP socket, and getting debug information via both stdout and a VCD dump file.  What more could you ask of sockets?14:36
kc5tjaTo solve the whole design process for me.14:43
kc5tjaopen("/dev/sockets/magic-pixie-dust/...etc..");  ;)14:44
wallentoZipCPU and olofk, that small piece of code I wrote may be interesting for you:
wallentoIt is a UART block for your testbench that opens a pseudoterminal to communicate with your simulation, so kind of has the similar experience as the actual design14:51
wallentodidn't do much after it, just works :)14:52
olofkZipCPU: My question was about how incoming packets are queued, but I think I found my answer16:35
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