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olofk_webCan anyone remember why we introduced start-group and end-group for the linker in the FuseSoC verilator backend?06:08
wallentogit log? ;)06:10
wallentoI would assume to make the linker library ordering bullet proof06:10
olofk_webYeah, I found something in the OpenRISC documentation archive06:13
ZipCPUAnyone remember how to set up deja-gnu in order to run the compiler's (and newlib's) test suite(s)?06:22
olofk_webZipCPU: shorne helped me with that some time ago. Might have some scripts still, but can't remember the details.06:24
olofk_webI do remember that it wasn't too complicated in the end, but that it's almost impossible to figure out what to do :)06:24
olofk_webwallento: I'm looking at improving the FuseSoC verilator backend by stuffing more stuff into the arguments file06:27
olofk_webMy problem is that the LDFLAGS stuff can't be put into the arguments file as quotes aren't allowed, and specifying them one at a time makes verilator randomly reorder the arguments (reported bug yesterday. Was fixed)06:28
olofk_webBut I realize now that the same problem would apply for string parameters too, right. I'm reading the bug report of the parameter stuff that you added to verilator06:29
olofk_webCan't remember, do we need to quoute strings sent with -G to verilator?06:30
olofk_webIf so, we can't put them in the arguments file06:30
olofk_webNot completely convinced that it's a good idea for verilator to just error out if it detects a " anywhere in the file06:30
wallentoI thought that was fixed08:17
wallentoits in the perl magic08:17
olofk_webI made a workaround, so it's not required anymore, but still, it's a bit shady08:24
olofk_webI finally bit the bullet now and started refactoring the verilator backend. It's such a mess08:25
olofk_webBut I have to do it now since it's starting to hold back some other stuff08:25
olofk_webI'm likely to break stuff08:27
olofk_webI'm adding unit tests for the things I've rewritten, but it's too much work to write for the original code08:28
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