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wallentoolofk: what's that "fusesoc"?01:52
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olofkwallento: It's like an app for using cloud-connected big data to build IoT solutions12:16
olofkI'm thinking of making it webscale. Just haven't found any good activeX interface for vb6 yet12:25
raholofk: can I ask where you work?17:32
raholofk: I'm considering getting a snickerdoodle and you mentioned some people in your work had ordered them so I was wondering what kind of people they were :-)17:33
rahlooks like they have their heads screwed on17:34
raholofk: it was January 2016 you mentioned it :-)17:36
olofkYeah, the snickerdoodle is nice. I haven't bought any myself. I'm drowning in FPGA boards here that I can't find the time to use :/17:36
olofkHaven't heard if the received theirs and if they have done anything with them17:37
rahI think they're just shipping about now17:37
olofkOne of them, I know is selling FPGA-based graphics cards for Atari ST computers, and thought of making a new version based on the snickerdoodle17:37
rahO_o orly?17:38
olofkYeah. I know a few die-hard Atari fans17:38
olofk There's the old one17:42
olofkThey are better with RTL and embedded than with HTML :)17:42
rahheh :-)17:44
mafmolofk: I met blueCmd_ at FOSDEM!  and in the risc-v talk, no less, by chance :D17:44
rahI used to have an ST17:44
rahI used it for music, with a Technics keyboard17:44
rahI think I may have sold both in order to get my first x86 PC17:45
olofkmafm: Oh yeah. Arun Thomas was talking, right?17:45
rahwhich was a stonking 160MHz Pentium17:45
mafmolofk: yeah, a nice talk17:45
olofkrah: Lots and lots of Atari in the music industry. You could probably still find a few.17:46
olofkSorry I missed FOSDEM this year too. Haven't been there since Julius and I talked in 201217:46
raholofk: yeah, I've heard of them still rumbling around in studios :-)17:47
* rah -> zzz17:47
olofkGood night17:48
mafmolofk: we made some progress on risc-v stuff17:49
mafmI didn't see much about embedded/hw stuff, but probably was lots, specially radio17:49
mafmoh, and the olimex laptop-by-parts17:49
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