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rahI emailed the professor who supervised the Archipelago "open source FPGA" thesis here
rahhe sent me an interesting set of slides from a talk he gave:05:10
rah'"Call to Arms : Volunteer Wanted" University Consortium to develop open simple FPGA HW and SW'05:14
olofkrah: I remember Archipelago. We invited them to orconf IIRC, but haven't heard anything since07:34
olofkInteresting presentation. I love the idea of using FPGAs to speed up P&R :)07:40
ZipCPU|Laptopolofk, rah: Yeah ... fascinating paper.07:49
ZipCPU|LaptopI had the option of watching an FPGA government program start and die too.  It would've been greatly helped by an open source ISA.07:50
ZipCPU|LaptopThe program was attempting to exploit a sub-threshold design methodology a professor had developed.07:50
ZipCPU|LaptopIf we could've gotten it built, it would've created a *super* low power FPGA.07:50
ZipCPU|LaptopWe got close enough that the chip was designed and sent to the fab, but then the fab decided to stop using that process before our chip got fabbed.07:51
olofkZipCPU|Laptop: Sounds a bit like what the PULP guys have been working on. They based it on open source stuff (first OpenRISC, then RISC-V). That was probably a very sensible choice08:03
raholofk: disappointing that they're not interested in orconf09:22
rahalthough the prof. seems quite focussed on FPGAs; maybe an icestorm conference he'd be interested in09:23
olofkrah: They might have been interested. Can't remember right now. Many users in the US are interested, but can't justify the time and money to come over to Europe for just a weekend09:34
olofkThen we have a few examples of people who travel the world for a chance to meet the rest of us :) ZipCPU|Laptop, shorne09:35
ZipCPU"travel the world" ... Heh, yeah.09:58
shorneolofk: do you know Jakob? from recent mail, it seems he worked at saab10:50
shorneI think I'll meet up with him while he is here in Tokyo10:51
shornetime for be11:43
olofkshorne: We have likely crossed paths. When I was working for ORSoC we did things together with both ÅAC Microtec and Realtime Embedded12:57
olofkAnd the first orconf was at Realtime Embedded's offices :)12:57
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