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olofkshorne: Yeah, in HDL xor-ing a value with itself can still be undefined. movhi forces constant values into the reg06:29
LoneTechwhere did you get that from? a xor a will only be undefined if a is (for instance, metastable)07:23
LoneTechwhich is why bootloader code clears registers with movhi; a might already be x for uninitialized07:25
LoneTechsorry, I just didn't catch the context. definitely makes sense in simulation, when the registers in question are e.g. a RAM bank without reset.07:25
shorneolofk: LoneTech: thanks just wanted to clarify what I thought there07:48
LoneTechas for why movhi in particular, it affects the whole word and takes an immediate operand without being larger than any other instruction.07:49
LoneTechon x86 xor is used because it's smaller than any operation with an immediate operand07:50
shorneLoneTech: ah, thats a good point about instruction size08:29
stekernusing l.andi works in simulations as well, even though it operates with te register as source08:52
stekernbecause 'x' & 0 = 008:53
shornewallento: olofk; I was going through some things and noticed we have a few patches for newlib probably should go upstream09:12
shorneI created this branch and it looks like its just these 3 patches (excluding travis)09:13
shorneanything else you remember?09:13
shorneolofk: on your change I will add your signoff if thats ok?09:14
wallentolet me double check, shorne09:14
wallentoyou wanna bring them yourselves to the list?09:14
wallentoI think they accept anyone, but you can just refer to me in the mail maybe09:14
shorneyeah, I was thinking I could send them09:15
shorneolofk: it seems newlib guys dont require the whole signed off by, also they dont seem to require ChangLog too09:23
shornemakes it easier for me :)09:23
wallentoshorne: yeah, they are pretty easy09:51
wallentoalso it usually takes less than a day to get your architecture patches in09:52
shornealright, I sent them, if I missed something we can add it later09:53
olofkshorne: Cool. Thanks. I should take a look at my tree. Might have something uart-related there too17:24
mor1kx[mor1kx] olofk opened pull request #45: Add FuseSoC .core file (master...corefile)
olofkstekern, wallento: Care to merge? ^18:00
olofkIt's a trivial change. I'll do it myself instead :)18:08
mor1kx[mor1kx] olofk pushed 1 new commit to master:
mor1kxmor1kx/master 3163cc3 Olof Kindgren: Add FuseSoC .core file18:10
mor1kx[mor1kx] olofk closed pull request #45: Add FuseSoC .core file (master...corefile)
irssi_this is interesting18:30
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shorneirssi_: ?19:16
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