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shorneHello, anyone know any history about Viktor's mail and uboot?03:44
shornewe had someone in here a few days ago asking about helping with uboot for openrisc.03:44
shorneI guess i need to know more about how the uboot handoff works03:51
shornefyi. travis allyesconfig linux build is successful now, it takes 36 minutes!03:52
bandvigshorne: hello, could you give link to the u-boot issues?03:59
shornebandvig: its not an issue, just this mail from Viktor...
shorneHe mentions there is some fix by jumping to 0x400000...04:01
shorneI replied to his mail, we can wait for his reply04:06
bandvigshorne: ah, perhaps I don't know something, but I see mail from Jakob Viketoft not from Viktor04:08
shorneOh... not sure why I said viktor04:24
bandvigshorne: so, I did not understand what you are talking about.04:26
shornesorry about that, is it clear now?04:27
bandvigYes, I'm writing an e-mai to LibreCore list with my experience regarding U-Boot an Linux04:28
shornegreat thank you :)04:28
shornefyi, I put a patch for r0 initialization :
olofkshorne: I remember the heated discussions from several years ago about how to clear r3. I was sure we had fixed that already. As Jakob says, l.movhi is likely the correct way to do it07:28
olofkstekern: Do you remember the history of this? Can't remember if it was discussed on IRC or on one of the old mailing lists08:47
promachhi, how do I run a waveform simulatin for the divider implementation as in line 404 of
promachis divider just implemented as '/' operator ?11:02
olofkIt depends on what the FEATURE_DIVIDER parameter is set to15:21
olofkI see that the default value in mor1kx.v is "SERIAL", so in that case the implementation starts here
stekernolofk: as I remembered it, jonas had some ungrounded reason for not changing it18:22
olofkstekern: ah ok. Well, let's change it now.18:37
olofkshorne: FYI, I added an option to mor1kx a while ago to set the register file to all 0 during initialization to better mimic the behaviour on an FPGA18:38
shorneolofk: others, why would we use movhi rather than "traditional" xor for clearing?23:38
shorneI guess because the data could be in a metastable state at init?23:38
shorneolofk: also, I did read the mor1kx code and see the clear RF at init code23:38
shorneok, updaetd patch to movhi23:42
shorneWill send it for review in a few days. We will see what Jonas says about it.23:47
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