IRC logs for #openrisc Saturday, 2017-02-04

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shorneIs anyone very good with travis ci for github?03:15
shorneI setup a travis build for linux, it works03:15
shornebut I have to have .travis.yml in the linux repo, but I dont want it in the repo with patches bound for upstream03:16
shorneIs there a way to get travis to test a branch that doesnt have a travis.yml file?03:16
shorneopenrisc linux travis build03:21
shorneCan others see this?
shornedamn allyesocnfig takes a long time03:41
olofkshorne: Yeah, using travis without putting files in the repo would be nice16:20
olofkI'm actually pretty tired of all these services demanding their own file in your repo16:21
olofkThat's why I designed FuseSoC to not need that :)16:21
shornehmm, I keep getting disconnected17:34
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