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olofk_ok, so help me out here10:25
olofk_I changed to using JSP from adv_debug_sys for my stdout. Problem is that when no JTAG is connected, all chars get stuck in the FIFO10:25
olofk_So my code gets stuck in a printf10:26
olofk_Plan is to just flush everything if JTAG isn't connected. But has anyone worked enough with adv_debug_sys to have a feeling if that is easy to detect10:27
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_franck_olofk_: I think you can use debug_select_i15:34
shorne_franck_: I am still looking into this gdb stuff. Have a few big items left to go. Basically15:56
shorne1. Yao is questing how we use the target descriptor to gather all the sprs (code you added)15:57
shorne2. Yao is questioning why we done add psuedo registers (I think its from jeremybennett)15:57
shornefor 2, I think its pretty easy, but we would need to suport vectors and floatingpoints .  But not sure if it needs to be in dwarf too. Also we would have to think for the names. like fp# and vec% or vector# not sure.  I am thinking we just remove for now. ( jeremybennett any thoughts on pseudo registers? )16:00
shornefor 1, I am looking at one thing about the q packet and the qSupported:xmlRegisters I dont really see any or1k code that supplies xml registers16:02
shorneso we need that?16:02
_franck_shorne: I think the idea was to keep things flexible. With an xml you can add/remove registers16:04
shorne_franck_: Right, actually I couldnt find where this xml was defined16:04
_franck_it is dynamically created by openocd16:06
shorneok, in openocd cool, didnt realize that I was looking in or1ksim16:06
shornethanks, got to go now16:07
_franck_but it should not be the only solution. What is someone don't use openocd ? I don't know if we an pass a xml file to gdb outside of the qSupported:xmlRegisters16:08
_franck_ok bye16:08
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