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kc5tjaOh, heh, the B4 specifications changed the name to "Dataflow" configuration.  Wise idea.00:59
shornekc5tja: where did you see that news about wishbone?06:22
ZipCPU|Laptopkc5tja: I missed your last comment last night.  Looking back now, shorne's comment makes sense.  Where'd you see the name change from 'pipeline' to dataflow'?09:34
ZipCPU|Laptopkc5tja: One other question, are you familiar with the pipelined wishbone to AXI bridge I built and posted on GitHub?09:35
ZipCPU|LaptopI'd really like to do an AXI to Wishbone pipelined bridge, but ... I don't have any AXI masters to test it with.  ;)09:35
kc5tjashorne: In the B3 specs, the "dataflow" connection was labeled "pipeline".  In B4, it's labeled "dataflow".10:40
kc5tjaZipCPU|Laptop: Why not have two bridges back to back?  Wishbone -> AXI -> AXI -> Wishbone  All the bus transactions should come out the same on both ends of the interconnection.10:41
ZipCPU|Laptopkc5tja: While that would be easy enough to do, it isn't a representative test.  AXI allows for, as you've been noting, multiple independent transactions to fly through the bus at any given time.10:44
ZipCPU|LaptopAXI allows for one read and one write transaction to be issued on every clock.  Wishbone only allows one of those two.10:44
kc5tjaYes, but as a basic "minimum viable functionality" test, I think it's a good foundation.  If it can't be used back-to-back, it is guaranteed it'll fail under more sophisticated use-cases.10:47
kc5tjaBut, I understand the need for a real AXI master.10:47
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