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wallentoshorne: Thanks a lot for this great work!01:29
stekernshorne: yeah, jor1k is probably the easiest way to test it in01:58
stekernI added some hacky support for or1ksim a long time ago too, I can dig up the patch for that if you're interested01:59
olofk_kc5tja: I got it sorted out already. Just had to download gigabyte of Java libraries first, but it seems to work02:10
olofk_shorne: As answered in the bug report on github, most of the boards running OpenRISC with a VGA or HDMI output uses vga_console02:11
olofk_Screenshot :
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shorneolofk_: stekern: Let me have a look at this console stuff, from some of stefan k's message I found on boards it seems the driver is "ocfb".  Which I was thinking is for fb_console not vga_console.  The patch in question just disables the vgacon module, not fb.05:19
shornewallento: no problem, its a log of mails actually, not much code so far :)05:20
olofk_shorne: Yeah, I've always been a bit curious about that since it feels like defining screen_info is a hack. But please drop it for upstream for now. If someone is using it right now, they're definitely not using the upstream kernel anyway, so we wouldn't break anything by removing it temporarily05:28
shorneyeah, I am pretty user its fbcon we use, stekerns ocfb.c driver defines.  fb_info.08:18
shornethats the interface used by fbcon to talk to the actual frame buffer08:18
shornethe vgacon defines screen_info (similar to fb_info) but we do not init that.  instead its fb_info for fbcon.08:19
shornemy typing stinks08:25
shornevgacon -> screen_info (defined during arch startup)08:26
shornefbcon -> fb_info (defined by frame buffer driver, like ocfb)08:26
olofk_shorne: I still think you are pretty user, no matter how bad you type :)08:26
ZipCPUAnd here I thought it was bad when "tuxlovesyou" contacted me to chat last night.  ;)08:28
olofk_ZipCPU: Impressive that they have a niche for chat bots to attract Linux users :)08:29
ZipCPUIf only the approach were a little more feminine ...08:30
shornewallento: got my key signed too:
wallentoshorne: nice one!09:47
shornehe remembered the passphrase :)09:47
wallentoso, you are higher in the thetan ranking now? :-p09:48
wallentojust pinged the FSF guys09:51
shornewallento: I got my fsf forms, (for gcc, gdb and newlib)10:21
shorneI'll have time to sign and send them back tomorrow10:22
wallentoI mean about how gcc may progress10:22
shorne_wallento: understood20:19
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