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shorne_franck_: Hello, are you ok with responding to Jeremy on the mail about copyright for record?05:26
_franck_shorne: I am. I'll do that today05:28
olofk_It looks like you're referencing this bug in a lot of commits, but it's just github that picks up '#4'  from the comments, right? :)06:43 Oct 6th07:05
shorneolofk_: right, it even picks up #3, #2 etc.  It seems those were picked up what I did the rebase, the commits are from07:05
shornecommits are from on Oct 6th07:05
shornestekern: do you mind if I create a for-next branch on github openrisc/linux and get it included in linux-next?07:22
stekernshorne: go ahead07:22
shornethanks, I guess it will be a lot of rebasing07:25
shornepushing it now08:01
shorneits available now
olofk_That was quick08:08
shorneits just pushing the changes I already had on my tree08:09
shorneok, sent a mail for including our patches in the linux-next.  This way we get more wide testing.  Future patches should also get pushed into this branch after reviewed and before pull request to linus.08:26
shorneNow back to work on gdb a bit08:26
olofk_I've been staring at that thing, trying to figure out what kind of strange smiley it is08:52
ZipCPUshorne: Yeah, my security officer here at the office keeps jumping on the keyboard.  It's just about all I can do to keep that from happening.08:52
ZipCPUShe just gets to wanting my attention *so* much.08:53
ZipCPU(Incidentally, my security officer works for "German Sheppard Security Services", and my office is at the house ...)08:54
shorneolofk_: it is kind of a nice smily ~.`.~ looks like willy wonka08:54
shorne~. is the command to kill an ssh session, I thought mine had timed out08:55
olofk_Yeah, when you say it. Especially when you added an extra ear (or eyebrow, not quite sure)08:55
shorneZipCPU: your officer guard might try to type something like this? (^._.^)09:04
ZipCPUshorne: Hmm ... most people tend to think of her as more of a ...    {\.v./}10:42
stekerndon't you mean an oompa loompa?12:04
ZipCPUYou mean like here:  ??12:10
ZipCPUSorry ... I couldn't resist.12:10
stekernyeah, or this:
shorneolofk_: stekern: With respect the the mail about vga console. Do you know of any implementation that actually support it?17:28
shorneMaybe sebastain macke in jor1k17:52
kc5tjaolofk_: I'm not aware of anyone who has pre-built Verilog files for Rocket or BOOM, sorry.  :(21:32
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