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N0xsysWe are 4 students working on the openrisc. I've sent a mail to Julius and he replied me few days ago. Just wanted to see what your irc looks like ! =)09:51
ZipCPUWhat platform are you working on?  One of Digilent's Nexys boards?09:54
N0xsysThe de0-nano09:55
N0xsysfrom terasic/altera09:55
ZipCPUHeheh ... I figured from your screen name that you were working on a Nexys board.  Silly me.09:55
N0xsysHaha that's just my usual nickname09:56
N0xsysOur project is for the embedded security challenge organized by NYU. This year this is about OpenRISC and when I e-mailed Julius he said he wasn't informed of that. I was quite surprised.09:59
ZipCPUCare to tell everyone what the basic challenge is?10:01
N0xsysThe first step was to write two software attacks based on control flow integrity and/or memory corruption (ie buffer overflow). If selected, the next step is to write a countermeasure against these attacks. For the final phase, some attacks will be run on the modified architecture.10:05
ZipCPUHmm ... sounds like you'd need a preliminary attack just to know someone was using an OpenRISC computer in the first place.10:07
ZipCPUWithout that, the buffer overflow attack wouldn't do what you'd want it to.10:07
N0xsysYou mean to identify the target processor ?10:11
N0xsyscause for the esc you assume the target is OpenRisc10:13
ZipCPUIs that part of the ESC criteria?  If so, then never mind.10:14
N0xsysYes it is10:14
N0xsysWe've already been selected and we are now writing a security block to counter buffer overflow attacks =)10:15
ZipCPUGood luck!10:16
N0xsysThanks! I'm really surprised OpenRISC community has not been informed of that10:18
ZipCPUI'm sure the OpenRISC community would love to have you present your results at ORCONF next year, whether you win or not.10:20
N0xsysI see this year the conf stands in italy. They stand usually in Europe ?10:31
Findeseems that way10:38
ZipCPUI've heard that the next one will be in Britain.  We'll see if that rumor is correct.10:41
ZipCPUThis years conference was early October, which is probably about when the next one will be.10:41
N0xsysThat's okay for us, we are from France ;)10:45
vidya@ZipCPU: I'm facing problem with vcd generation in simulator..The simulations seems to never end12:24
ZipCPUHmm ... which simulator are you using?12:24
vidyayes..At first i tried with hello.c it worked12:25
ZipCPUAre you returning from your main function, or calling exit?12:25
ZipCPUThe example I have that works does both: exit(0); followed by return 0;  Not sure which one was necessary ...12:26
vidyareturning from main function12:26
ZipCPUTry calling "exit(0);" instead of returning ... see if that's the bug.12:27
vidyaok i will try12:27
vidyaNot working !12:29
ZipCPUOk ... is your program not exiting?12:30
vidyaThere are about 6 Program headers after loading .elf file12:30
vidyais that usual? because initially when it worked I had only 2 Program headers12:31
ZipCPUNot sure ... but I doubt it is your problem.12:31
vidyasimulation not exiting12:33
vidyaVCD dump started (0) TOP.orpsoc_top.mor1kx0.bus_gen.ibus_bridge: Wishbone bus IF is B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK TOP.orpsoc_top.mor1kx0.bus_gen.dbus_bridge: Wishbone bus IF is B3_REGISTERED_FEEDBACK12:33
vidyastuck at this12:33
ZipCPUIs your simulation printing anything to the screen at all?12:34
ZipCPUDo you have a stdout/console port up and running?12:34
ZipCPUI had that up and running, and passed my code off to SMDwrk/SMDhome.  I haven't heard back from him whether he was successful (finally) in getting it to work.12:35
ZipCPUPerhaps he can chime in here?12:36
vidyaHow will console port help?12:37
ZipCPUWhat are you trying to run?  Are there "printf"s at all in your program?  Console port would help by allowing you to place printf's into your program to see why your program isn't exitting.12:38
ZipCPUYou're not trying to run coremark, though, are you?  Just a wild guess ... ?12:38
vidyaI have written simple c code to add two integers and print it12:40
vidyaand I'm not running coremark12:41
ZipCPUCan you paste it anywhere for others to view?12:41
vidya#include <stdio.h>12:42
ZipCPUHow about an on-line pasting service?12:42
vidya#include <stdlib.h>12:42
vidyaok thanks will try that12:42
vidyaCan you see it?12:44
ZipCPUYeah... THAT's what isn't exiting?12:44
ZipCPUWhat does "c = a b;" mean?12:44
vidyac= a+b12:44
vidyait didnt work in paste-it12:45
ZipCPUIs the plus present in your code?12:45
ZipCPUSorry ... gotta run here.  I'm not sure what your problem is at this point.12:46
vidyano problem.. thanks for the help anyways12:47
kc5tjaAny ELF should have one and only one program header.12:48
kc5tjaThat there are six is a problem.12:49
kc5tjaThe simulation is probably executing header code as if it were program code.12:49
vidyaoh is it?how can i debug this?12:49
kc5tjaI don't know.  Probably best to ask on the sw-dev Google group/mailing list.12:50
kc5tjaOh, sorry.12:50
kc5tjaThis isn't RISC-V channel.  ;)12:51
kc5tjaBut, I'm sure OpenRISC has a comparable mailing list you can ask on.12:51
vidyaOk, thanku :)12:54
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