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vidyaHello all, I'm trying to simulate mor1kx using Verilator and everytime it seems to download the core from github. How can I avoid it from downloading from github08:35
vidyaThis is what it says :INFO:  Preparing verilator_tb_utils INFO:  Preparing adv_debug_sys INFO:  Preparing jtag_tap-1.13 INFO:  Preparing mor1kx INFO:  Downloading openrisc/mor1kx from github08:35
SMDhomeguys, I wonder if uart_base_address should be specified during compilation or not? Should -mboard key set it?13:00
olofk_SMDhome: If you're not using -mboard, I think it uses the or1ksim settings by default13:16
olofk_And or1ksim is set up to print characters to stdout by putting the value in register r3 and then call l.nop 0x3 (I think)13:16
olofk_So if you want the data to be sent to a real uart you need to set -mboard13:17
olofk_You can probably use any board, but -mboard=de0_nano is a safe choice13:17
SMDhomeolofk_: ok, let me test13:17
olofk_Or you can create your own libboard. I've been meaning to write some instructions for that, but haven't gotten around to do it13:17
ZipCPUSo ... those are probably the instructions you were staring at and wondering at the top of dhry_1.c.13:20
ZipCPUSMDhome: They provide the meaning of the symbols that libboard would've defined, in order to use a UART.13:20
SMDhomeolofk_: setting denano board does the trick, at least i see some values set in the binary. But running such binary on verilated sim hangs for some reason.13:23
ZipCPUSMDhome: are the values set ... the right ones for a Verilator simulation?13:25
SMDhomeuart baud and etc seems ok, but I can't tell the same for others: i.e. memory could be mapped to another addresses and etc. I'll check difference between de board and or1ksim board files13:27
SMDhomememsize and uart_irq are different at least13:28
ZipCPUSMDhome: uart_irq is necessary for receiving on the UART port, not quite as necessary for transmitting.13:29
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