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SMDhomeolofk_: Hi, I'm struggling with getting uart to print something using verilatpr and  ZipCPU help. Could you tell where can I look at how is everything gets connected together?09:21
SMDhomeI see some data on wb bus for uart, but there is no wb_cyc signal for it and I think this might be a problem in my case09:21
ZipCPUSMDhome: I'm always pleased to hear any time my CPU can help you debug OpenRISC.  ;P09:56
vidyaHello all, I have added a new verilog module in the mor1k core and I would like to check the behavior of the changed system by simulating using verilator.10:30
vidyaIt seems that fusesoc uses sources from the github page and doesnt reflect the local changes. Can anyone help me regarding how to reflect the change i have incorpoarated in simulation?10:31
ZipCPUYes.  Once it downloads the changes from github, it doesn't download them again until explicitly told to do so.10:32
ZipCPUFeel free to edit those local pages to the extent that you need to.10:32
SMDhomeolofk_: nevermind, I've found the problem11:08
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