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mor1kx[mor1kx] bandvig pushed 1 new commit to marocchino_devel:
mor1kxmor1kx/marocchino_devel b2d50c6 Andrey Bacherov: (a) Initial implementation of simple two-stages reservation stations (b) Improvement for FPU-32 stages controls to achieve higher pipelinization10:58
shorne_Hello, this is a silly question, but anyway, when debugging in gdb->or1ksim is it possible to interrupt the or1ksim ?12:16
shorne_in gdb12:16
shorne_target remote localhost:444412:16
shorne_c (continue)12:16
shorne_ctrl-c (interrupt the target)12:16
shorne_I am getting no response from or1ksim, I traced it and it looks like gdb sends the interrupt character 0x03, but or1ksim doesn't seem to respond12:18
shorne_Either its something wrong with my latest gdb changes or it never worked12:18
shorne_It does work with openocd12:29
olofkshorne_: Hmm... haven't got a clue unfortunately. Haven't used gdb very much at all17:21
kc5tja Seeking input on whether or not folks would like me to do a poster session for the RISC-V workshop coming up.
kc5tja(that should be a poll; hopefully it shows up.)19:04
ZipCPUkc5tja: Sorry, I can't respond to the poll--I'm not a twitter type.22:16
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