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olofkTrying to get VPI libraries working under Windows has made me question my purpose in life04:03
olofkOn another note, Kactus2 keeps getting better. Still a lot of things to improve, but I like where they are going05:28
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olofkHas anyone got any experience with using OpenOCD to access the or1k debug IF on a Zynq board?10:17
olofkA MicroZed in particular10:17
olofkIIRC, the on-board JTAG interface (accessible through the standard 2x7 Xilinx connector) is connected to the ARM cores10:18
olofkWhy not use the ARM cores directly, you might ask :)10:19
olofkMainly beacuse I probably will use another FPGA in the future which might be from a different vendor and might not have hard CPUs10:20
ZipCPUDoesn't "OCD" stand for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?  But, no, I have no experience with OpenOCD ;)10:35
ZipCPUThere was another individual who was trying to do something similar with a Zynq board not that long ago.10:36
ZipCPUHe wanted to program just the PL and not the PS side, and even to do it via JTAG IIRC.10:36
ZipCPUI'm sure I could find the discussion if you were interested.10:36
stekernZipCPU: it's CDO, because then the letters are in alphabetical order, just like they are supposed to!14:37
* ZipCPU laughs14:37
kc5tjaHeheheh :)14:45
olofkstekern: Might need some help with the wb_avalon_bridge17:53
olofkNot sure if I should enable burst support or not17:53
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