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shorneSMDhome: hello about running gdb against a program running in gdb04:36
shorneI am trying now, ideally it would be04:36
shornesim -f ../openrisc/openrisc_os/or1ksim.cfg --srv=333304:36
shorne(starts the gdb server in or1ksim)04:37
shorneor1k-elf-gdb ./work/linux/vmlinux --eval-command='target remote localhost:3333'04:37
shorne(gdb connect to or1ksim debug port, you can then load the binary through there)04:37
shornebut when I run now I am getting an error ... Remote replied unexpectedly to 'vMustReplyEmpty': E0104:38
shorneI think my gdb is too new04:40
SMDhomeshorne: thanks! I should try it. Which sim are you using?04:41
SMDhomeverilator or icarus04:42
shorneoh, its just or1ksim, right you were asking for one of the verilog simulators04:42
shornethey probably also support a gdbserver more?04:42
shorneWith icarus there is a blog here:
shorneSimilar details here:
shorneThe second one seems to be using verilator04:48
shorneSorry if you already tried those, I havent tried either. But thats where I would start04:49
wallentoolofk: About to PR my changes to fusesoc08:17
wallentofound an acceptable way to cope with verilator being synth, I just use "usage = sim verilator"08:18
wallentoby the way: travis shows errors08:23
wallentosomething with attrs in fusesoc/satsolver and virtualenv or08:24
olofkSMDhome, shorne : About the embecosm app notes, we changed how to do gdb a few years ago (with the introduction of orpsocv3 which became FuseSoC)13:00
olofkPreviously we implemented a gdbserver as a VPI library so that you could connect gdb to the sim13:01
olofkBut now we only open up a socket that speaks _franck_'s jtag_vpi protocol. On the other side we connect openocd13:02
olofkThe benefit is that we don't have to keep our internal gdbserver in synce with upstream changes. Already a few years ago, there were a lot of unimplemented features13:03
olofkSo now we let openocd implement the gdbserver instead13:03
olofkmor1kx-generic implements jtag_vpi, so if you're running that just add --enable_jtag_vpi and connect openocd to port 5555 using the jtag_vpi protocol13:04
olofkNow you can connect gdb to the port that openocd exposes. Can't remember right away which one it is though13:05
olofkBut if you're only interested in loading elf files, reading and writing memory and starting/stopping the CPU you don't need gdb. You can use the openocd telnet interface directly13:11
olofkI use it all the time now :)13:12
olofkAlso discovered that you can create tcl scripts for it. Great for testing out new drivers13:12
olofkwallento: Thanks for the PR. I'm a bit tired now so I'll look at it later. Just ran 10km through mud up to my waist13:14
olofkBut great that you found a way to cope with the verilator files.13:15
olofkAnd I know about the travis errors. I filed a bug against okonomiyaki, which is the lib that fails13:15
olofkBut unfortunately it's really a pip bug (Oh god how I hate these stupid python package managers)13:16
olofkI think we could work around it by installing a known good version of attrs before FuseSoC, but I haven't looked into that yet13:16
olofkwallento: Fixed travis builds now16:16
olofkwallento: I think the cores root reordering is wrong16:24
olofkCores found later will override those found earlier16:25
olofkAnd highest priority should be given to those specified on the command-line with --cores-root16:25
olofkSo they need to be last16:26
olofkI pushed the other ones related to paths. Need to read through the DPI and Vivado patches when I get a bit more time16:29
olofkwallento: Pheew.. I just finished a review of the Vivado/XSIM patch17:11
olofkThere are some bigger and smaller changes. I really like to see this merged soon, so hopefully we can fix this quickly together17:12
olofkOh. I forgot a big thank you for all the work, in the review17:12
olofkMy reviews tend to only focus on the negative parts, but all in all it's a great contribution17:13
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