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wallentoolofk: Let me remove the DPI and Xilinx ones, so that we can get the others removed01:55
wallentothen do the DPI and then the Vivado and XSIM01:55
shornestekern: Not sure if you saw, but there was on failure with the semun change.  I am thinking the best fix is to not change the sem.h, but to create a abi wrapper for us04:11
shornesomething like arm does with their old abi stuff04:11
olofkwallento: Already pushed the other ones yesterday05:28
olofkExcept for the reversing, because I think that one is wrong05:28
wallentoyeah, I saw, thanks05:29
wallentoyeah, I think it changed after I first did this05:29
wallentobecause I remember there was that a core was skipped05:29
wallentoI currently prepare the DPI again, but with documentation05:29
wallentoand then fix the stuff in the xilinx tools, please check my comments too05:30
wallentoolofk, I am wondering about DPI. You made the argument, that cSources or DPI should be exclusive, but it is the same as VPI, or not?05:42
olofkwallento: Yes, but vpi was created before filesets were introduced. This time we got a chance to get it right from the start06:08
olofkAlso, vpi was created before the core files supported multiple named sections of one type (like parameter sections)06:11
olofkSo I want to see if we maybe should allow multiple dpi sections like [dpi one_lib] and [dpi other_lib]06:11
olofkBut multiple dpi sections will require that we can specify which source files that belong to a certain lib06:12
olofkFor modelsim I used another method to support dpi until I could decide on the syntax06:13
olofkI added the option to load extra tcl scripts, and wrote a custom tcl script for that core06:13
olofkNot portable, but works until the dpi support is in place06:14
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