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wallentoshorne: ouch01:35
wallentoI had this with a microcontroller board once, the LEDs got damaged, but I changed every component except them before finding out ;)01:35
olofkI find that FuseSoC still works suprisingly well after the big patches I applied02:46
olofkA couple of cores that had some hardcoded values that I had to fix02:47
SMDhome1olofk: did you have plans to add tracing support for verilated mor1kx?02:51
olofkSMDhome1: Not really. So many other things I want to prioritize02:52
olofkBut there might already be code for this hiding in the old orpsocv2 repo02:52
SMDhome1olofk: Ok, I might want to try to port it to the new one, thanks04:11
olofkSMDhome1: That would be appreciated. Couldn't find a local orpsocv2 repo, so I can't confirm that the code is actually there though04:13
olofkSMDhome1: Check here
olofkThere's a ton of code in that directory, but we probably only want som parts of it04:14
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