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SMDhome1Can someone clarify what does "branch stall" means from openrisc arch document, page 309? Is it brn miss count or clocks needed to flush pipeline because of brn miss?11:50
ZipCPUIs there an implementation that can be checked to know?  If the document is the ultimate definition, I would argue the latter.12:31
ZipCPUThat is, the number of clocks that do not complete instructions as a result of a branch.12:31
ZipCPUI.e. number of branch misses * clocks needed to flush pipeline due to a miss.12:31
ZipCPUBut ... that's only if the document is the controlling definition.12:32
SMDhome1ZipCPU I think there's only that document. I've done w/ perfomance counter unit and now I have to wire all the events that need to be counted.12:38
olofkSMDhome1: Some of these things that has never been implemented could be a bit under specified17:40
olofkI'd say you just do what you think is right, and then we can discuss it17:40
ZipCPUolofk: I'm trying to bite the bullet today and actually download OR1K to build it.  <Gulp>17:47
ZipCPUSo far, I've been pulling project pieces from ...17:47
ZipCPUbinutils-gdb, or1k-gcc, mor1kx, ... I'll try to grab newlib next.17:48
Findewe're finally able to show off some die pics of the Piton chip17:50
kc5tjaFinde: Congradulations.  :)20:35
ZipCPUIn case you missed it, the domain has been bought and sold to someone else.20:46
kc5tjaOr the DNS record has elapsed, and is now officially DNS squatter property.23:47
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