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shorneolofk: hi, I have been working on converting some of my old projects over to fusesoc08:33
shorneI was wondering is there support for multiple tb in a single core?08:34
shorneI have been reading through some fusesoc source and couldnt find it its doable08:34
shorneNevermind: parser_sim.add_argument('--testbench', nargs=1, help='Override default testbench')08:36
olofkshorne: Yes, that feature is well hidden. I have a task quite high on my priority list actually to be able to define multiple testbenches directly in the .core file. There are some good reasons for that. Each testbench can then potentially specify their own dependencies, filesets, toplevel arguments, etc08:48
olofkIt will also be possible to query FuseSoC for available testbenches too, so that a CI tool can iterate over this list and run all testbenches automatically08:49
olofkBut for now, just setting --testbench is a poor man's solution08:50
shorneolofk: yeah, that makes sense, I was kind of looking for that.  But I couldnt see it and didnt see any examples.08:53
shorneI thought maybe there was a reason, i.e. usually one core per test bench etc08:53
olofkZipCPU: Haven't seen the binutils message. Strange, I was sure I'm suscribe to that list08:53
shorneolofk: ZipCPU: re-bintuils if you are replying please cc me, ill subscribe to that mailing list08:55
shornesubscribed now, need to start working on those gdb patches09:01
shornethats the hard part I have been procrastinating on09:01
ZipCPUshorne: Thanks!  I've been looking at the list for a while for other purposes, but wanted to make sure an appropriate individual09:12
ZipCPUfrom this group was aware of what was going on.09:12
stekernI responded to the mail09:12
ZipCPUOkay, I see it now ...09:13
shornecool, I see it now too09:20
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