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kc5tjaInitial tests of SMG are panning out.  Just implemented state machine for RISC-V load and store (albeit w/out illegal insn detection) and it's taking up all of a whopping 31 logic cells.02:07
kc5tjaYeah, I have to think that "case statements considered harmful" for FPGA state machine design.02:07
SMDhome1kc5tja: so instead of case(insn) at decode stage you suggest to use smth like isAdd = CheckAdd(insn) and pass this wires further?02:41
SMDhome1now I'm thinking I've said smth stupid02:45
bandvigI've got a off-topic question about "git".11:46
bandvigAs far as I understand, I can crate branch on my local PC, I can commit into the branch, I can merge into the branch from other branches, I can switch my working copy across branches.11:47
bandvigHowever, if I don't push my branch into remote it continue stay "local" branch. Am I right?11:47
kc5tjaSMDhome1: I actually use AND-OR logic explicitly instead of having it inferred by Verilog.15:36
kc5tjaSMDhome1: So, a single match-response "on"-clause in my domain-specific language looks like this:15:36
kc5tjaSMDhome1: [on [A B ~C ["D[4:1]" 4'b0010]]  W X Y Z]15:37
kc5tjaSMDhome1: This in turn compiles to something not unlike the following Verilog:15:37
kc5tjaSMDhome1: wire match001 = A & B & ~C & D[4:1] == 4'b0010;15:37
kc5tjaSMDhome1: wire output001 = match001 ? 1 : 0;  // This bizarre statement gets optimized by Verilog during synthesis.15:38
kc5tjaSMDhome1: wire output002 = match001 ? 1 : 0;15:38
kc5tjaSMDhome1: wire output003 = match001 ? 1 : 0;  // in case you're wondering, these are intermediate terms for asserting W X Y and Z.15:38
kc5tjaSMDhome1: wire output004 = match001 ? 1 : 0;15:39
kc5tjaSMDhome1: assign W = ... | output001 | ... ;  // other assertion rules are logically-ORed here too.15:39
kc5tjaSMDhome1: assign X = ... | output002 | ...;15:39
kc5tjaSMDhome1: assign Y = ... | output003 | ...;15:39
kc5tjaSMDhome1: assign Z = ... | output004 | ...;15:39
kc5tjaIf I'd used a compound form to assign X a specific value, then obviously the intermediate wire term for that would have the value I provide instead of defaulting to just 1.15:40
kc5tjaSo, basically, my SMG tool converts a truth-table into an AND-OR network not unlike what you'd find in a pre-programmed PLA chip.15:41
kc5tjaThe reason for doing all this is it gives me total, unequivocal control over how the FPGA's LUTs are utilized.  Since Yosys and Xilinx ISE infer a bunch of ancilliary logic to preserve algorithmic integrity of the Verilog code, which is something I definitely don't want, encoding this logic using Verilog's default constructs actually wastes FPGA resources.15:43
ZipCPUolofk: Have you seen the binutils discussion list recently?  They're looking for comments on a change that would affect the OR1K back end ...22:08
ZipCPUMessage is from Alan Modra, subject "R_OR1K_GOTOFF_* relocations"22:17
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