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SMDhome1another stupid question: if I run fusesoc w/ verilator sim, where should I look for std{out,err}? I can't find anything02:12
SMDhome1build/mor1kx-generic/sim-verilator/verilator.out.log is empty02:24
SMDhome1olofk: could you give me a hint?10:07
ZipCPUSMDhome1: What's up?  Is this the Verilator question from the night before?10:13
SMDhome1ZipCPU I'm strugling to find verilator output10:13
ZipCPUCan you point me to a source code directory, so I can take a peek?10:13
SMDhome1ZipCPU I guess this one is what gets compiled: orpsoc-cores/systems/mor1kx-generic/bench/verilator/tb.cpp10:14
ZipCPU(The one repository I didn't download last night ....)10:15
SMDhome1you could just run fusesoc init10:15
ZipCPUWhat do I need to do first ... I don't have fusesoc installed?10:16
SMDhome1Firstly install fusesoc: clone repo, then make pip install fusesoc, then choose dir and run "fusesoc init" there10:17
ZipCPUWow --- that's pretty cheesy.  The tb.cpp bench has no output.10:17
SMDhome1I don't know how this thing got verilated(10:18
SMDhome1I'm more like a sw guy that have interest in hw(10:18
ZipCPUNo, it's a valid Verilator code, it's just that the CPU is not connected to any input/output.10:18
SMDhome1fusesoc sim --sim=verilator mor1kx-generic --elf-load=bla10:18
SMDhome1but this could fail due to wrong path to mor1kx src10:19
ZipCPUOk, I've cloned fusesoc.  But if I cd into that directory and do "make pip install" I just get errors.10:20
SMDhome1sudo pip install fusesoc10:20
SMDhome1 check "quick start"10:20
ZipCPUOk ... working from there.10:21
SMDhome1ZipCPU I'm going to be afk for a couple of hours but I hope to get back to you and answer your questions10:21
ZipCPUNot a problem.  I'll be crying in my milk in the meantime over what's going on with this memory controller I'm working on.10:22
SMDhome1ZipCPU Btw, do you have lots of experience w/ xilinx memory controllers?10:22
ZipCPUAll the wrong kind of experience it seems.10:23
ZipCPUI've written one SDRAM controller, and I'm now trying to write a DDR3 SDRAM controller.10:23
ZipCPUI've been at it for a couple of weeks now.10:23
ZipCPUNothing works in the hardware ... yet.  (Hence crying in my milk ...)10:23
SMDhome1ZipCPU my task is rather simple: I have a board w/ spartan6 and ddr2 mem connected to it. So I want to get standart xilinx mem controller working/10:24
SMDhome1Too pity I don't have irc on my phone to continue chatting(10:24
ZipCPUI think I have all of the references you might need/want, but the one thing I do not have is anything currently working.10:24
SMDeeepchave I missed anything?11:38
ZipCPUWelcome back SMDeeepc!  Anything particular that you are concerned about missing?11:58 has changed hands ...11:58
SMDeeepcI still wonder how to get stdout of verilated fusesoc: need to obtain dhrystone results12:01
ZipCPUWell let's start with the first/obvious question: does the mor1k-generic core have a stdout port ... a UART perhaps?12:02
SMDeeepcI think so: running it w/ icarus does print to stdout12:04
ZipCPUReally ... ?12:10
ZipCPU(Back at keyboard now ...)12:10
ZipCPUI don't see anything useful in mor1kx-generic/bench/verilog/ or bench/verilator ...12:14
ZipCPUOuch.  Looks like the only peripheral exposed from the top level is the JTAG.12:17
ZipCPUHmnmm ... rtl/verilog/orpsoc_top.v has connections for a UART, srx_pad_i and stx_pad_o, that aren't connected.12:20
ZipCPUIf these could be exported as top level pins, then the XuLA2-LX25SoC uartsim.cpp module could be plugged in.12:21
ZipCPUThat would give you input and output via a serial port from your simulation.12:21
ZipCPUwallento: I'm trying to build gcc for or1k, and ... getting hung up.  Can you help me with the configure options?12:40
ZipCPUI'm using "../or1k-gcc/configure --with-gas --prefix=${INSTALL_BASE}/cross-tools --exec-prefix=${INSTALL_BASE}/cross-tools12:46
ZipCPU--target=or1k-elf --host=x86_64-cross-linux-gnu --with-sysroot=${INSTALL_BASE} --with-build-sysroot=${INSTALL_BASE}12:47
ZipCPU--with-lib-path=${INSTALL_BASE}/tools/lib --with-local-prefix=${INSTALL_BASE}/usr12:48
ZipCPUI get quite a ways into the build, until I get to a "or1k-elf-gcc: command not found" error.12:48
kc5tjaOne of these days, I need to learn Verilator.12:50
kc5tjaFor that matter, I need to get it to actually build.12:50
wallentoZipCPU: you get it in this build already?12:56
wallentoI tend to suggest checking ${INSTALL_BASE}/cross-tool/bin is in your $PATH12:56
ZipCPUwallento: Gosh.  That was obvious.  Thanks!13:45
ZipCPUOk, I made it until stdio.h wasn't found.  Now to go looking for that ...13:54
wallentoI never built with sysroot, so I suppose it may be related to that13:54
wallentowhat are you building it for, baremetal or Linux?13:55
ZipCPUYes.  ;)  I seem to do all my work on baremetal, but it would be fun to have a Linux distro as well.  Would it make sense to start with newlib?13:55
ZipCPUMy immediate goal is simple to run dhrystone.13:56
wallentooh, well, there newlib is sufficient14:02
wallentohave you tried building with the tutorial?14:02
ZipCPUAhh ... No I haven't.  Nice.  Thanks!14:02
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