IRC logs for #openrisc Sunday, 2016-05-29

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stekernolofk: I never got around to make fusesoc stuff for it03:28
tariq786olofk: Are you there?12:35
tariq786olofk: Are you there?12:35
tariq786/msg olofk: Hi, Lets chat sometime in private if that is ok with you.12:37
tariq786msg olofk: Hi, Lets chat sometime in private if that is ok with you.12:37
bansvigstekern: have you seen my yesterday question? could you comment it?14:28
stekernbansvig: nope, what question?14:29
bansvigstekern: Could I made assumption that pipeline have to be stalled (by DU command) before DU-reading various SPR and GPR?14:29
stekernor well, maybe you can, but I know that at least profiling makes use of reading npc "on the fly"14:31
stekernthat's not a uber critical feature to get 100% right all the time though14:32
stekernit's imprecise anyway14:32
stekernnot sure if ther's anything else that relies on reading gprs or sprs on the fly from du14:33 commands could, I gess14:34
stekernyes, but that's not over the DU interface14:34 commands will stall the pipeline until they are finished14:35
bansvigas far as I understand DU could compete with commands for SPR BUS even so pipeline stalled by, right?14:40
bansvigit looks like DU<->MF(T)SPR arbiter is required to resolve such conflicts14:43
bansvigor alternatively we have to postulate that DU can read/write SPR only if pipeline stalled by DU's command (the approach requires support from SW side)14:46
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