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shorneIntersting one crash I get form the simulator is here for handler 0xe00 (trap handler, i.e. debug breakpoint)00:22
shornethe value of r1 is 0xffffff7800:23
shornewhich means on line 121 (loading the stack pointer) is zero (which it is in memory)00:23
shorneso somehow the setup didnt work, tracing back to where that should be setup00:23
shorneI see, there is a place clear_bss_loop that sets that up, or it did02:58
shorneI think my test is wrong, I can't break in *0x100 since that the init vector, if the trap vector is hit then ov course nothing will be init'ed yet!03:05
shornehaha, ok, at least thats correctly failing03:06
shornebut, the break point in main() fails too with a different error03:06
wallentoshorne: this makes sense05:54
wallentoit breaks before setting up the stack05:54
wallentoI am not sure how to properly solve this, except don't break before the init is done :)05:54
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