IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2016-05-05

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wallentoshorne: yep, thats right01:36
wallentoI will have a look at it01:36
wallentoolofk: first patches should go to or1k branch02:33
wallentoshorne: I will patch the exception handling02:34
wallentor9 needs to be safed, right02:34
wallentothats why SPRs are so nice02:35
wallentolol, I just found its way simpler02:44
wallentoall this was just used because we use a macro as exception entry02:44
wallentobut I already added a parameter to the macro02:44
wallentowe will just use this :)02:44
shornewallento: cool, let me have a look03:42
shorneoh yeah, we already pass 2,3,4,5 into the macro, no need to hack and look at the pc03:43
shornedid you make any changes?03:44
wallentonot so far03:44
wallentoquite busy these days and it is not critical03:45
wallentoso if you want to pickup the issue :)03:45
shorneI might, but maybe not so critical right now. You mention that this is some "old" libgloss code? You rewrote most of it?03:48
wallentoI wanted to add the multicore stuff03:49
wallentoI did not rewrite much of the original code03:49
wallentoespecially this part03:49
wallentomore on the reentrnacy stuff03:50
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