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_franck_shorne: yeah, you should use this repo:
_franck_and compile with --enable-sim --enable-or1ksim (AFAIR --enable-or1ksim is not mandatory since or1ksim is the default simulator when sim is enabled)00:31
_franck_mithro: you can try ##fpga00:31
_franck_or here :)00:32
shorne_franck_: the lastest gdb work we have is now going into binutils-gdb as far as I know. (that is based off of upstream gdb rather than cvs) I am going to try merging the sim patchs from or1k-src to binutils-gdb07:00
shorneok all sim patches applied (had to skip patches to (/newlib, /libgloss, /cpu) most look like they are upstream08:08
shornenevermind about /cpu, it looks like they are already applied08:12
olofkshorne: It's really great that you're doing this. It has been annoying that we're probably ready for upstreaming, but that no one really knows08:52
shorneyeah, and our main source is based on cvs while upstream moved to git08:53
shorneprogressing with build08:53
shorneit seems there are some API changes, so updating sim for that08:53
olofkshorne: Is it? I thought our binutils-gdb tracked upstream08:54
shorneolofk: yes, binutils-gdb does I mean or1k-src doesnt, which is annoying for preparing any patches08:55
shorneso this should be the last step to get binutils-gdb ready for upstreaming08:55
olofkI thought we had deprecated or1k-src08:56
olofkBut maybe this is all the reason why everything is so confusing :)08:56
shorneolofk: thats right, but the patches in or1k-src/sim never made it out of there. So I have extracted them and applied to binutils-gdb08:57
olofkahh... ok, so our binutils-gdb doesn't include sim and gdb. Got it now08:57
shorneissue is they are 2 years old, and binutils-gdb is modern08:57
olofkDamn bitrot :(08:57
shornejust reading up on some of the api changes08:57
shornemaking progress, convering gdb/sim/or1ksim to nrun10:41
shornethen had issue with WITH_PROFILE definition, needed to autoreconf10:42
shornenow looks like I missed some stuff in nrun10:42
shorneFYI, these are the changes I pulled in, not including my patch work in progress
shorneit builds10:57
shornelooks like testsuites are working11:06
shorneill push a commit11:07
olofkshorne: I've never managed to understand how to run the test suite. Is it hard? Do you have any instructions?11:10
olofkMight be good material for the tutorials repo11:10
shorneIn my build directory I ran this11:16
shornemake check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=or1k-elf-sim"11:16
shorneyeah, I was thinking the same11:16
shornebut.. the --target_board need to be in a path relative to your site.exp or include11:17
shornein my site.exp I have put 'lappend boards_dir /home/shorne/work/openrisc/or1k-src/boards'11:18
shornein 'or1k-src/boards'  there is a or1k-elf-sim definition that says "use target sim" when we run the11:18
shorneIll put together some better details11:20
shornethe test summary results are very similar to _franck_ 's results from the original commit11:43
_franck_shorne: great job. We are now ready to get the failure counter down a bit15:13
olofkshorne: Yeah, great job. I'll try to look through the fails when I get some time. Probably a mix of hard and easy bugs15:27
olofkFound a SAT solver to use for FuseSoC dependency tracking. Managed to massage it enough so that it should be possible to shoehorn it into FuseSoC16:55
olofkThe codebase for that one is probably way larger than all of FuseSoC :)16:56
olofkYep. 2.4 times as many lines of Python in the SAT solver :)16:58
wallentoshorne: thanks for the work on the sim part!18:17
wallentoThe item came pretty near to the top of my TODO list for 2016 already ;)18:17
wallentoSMDwrk: yes, we have a jenkins instance running and I tried to do as much as possible in travis18:18
wallentoactually, most of the tests can be done with travis18:19
wallentoplease email me to discuss how to progress and give you access to our jenkins instance: stefan@wallentowitz.de18:19
shornewallento: no problem, I said I was going to rebuild my toolchain and run the testsuite, I didnt know I had to merge the sim stuff!18:34
shornebut I figured I would give it a try18:34
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