IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2016-04-28

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SMDwrkwallento: sent05:27
* shorne looks around18:50
shornewallento: I figured out the travis build failure. Basically the default is to turn on or1ksim and add -lsim.19:18
shorneI am going to change that to only add -lsim to add -lsim if we can find it in the system19:19
shorneneeds some autoconf ( tweaks19:20
shorneshortcut is to just add --disable-or1ksim to .travis.yml19:20
stekernshorne: nice work getting the sim part to work with upstream22:01
shornethanks, it builds, not sure how well it "works" though :)22:02
shornebut basic tests pass22:02
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